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License Expiration:4/17/2019
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Home Raised labradoodles

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Kibble  ~for our pack

I like NutriSource. I feed the small and medium breed puppy dry food. It is a five star food.

I have also fed and recommend Fromm Gold and Pure Balance. I fed the four star recipes but switched to NutriSource when I found it at better quality and a great price. I pay a distributor $34 for 35 pound bags. I tried 4Health from Tractor Supply. It is a good product but my dogs didn't like the taste.

None of these foods have ever had a recall.

When you are checking out different brands please be sure to check individual recipes for quality and recalls.

Grooming Tools

  • Make sure you have a nice pair of scissors and thinning shears.
  • For mats cut the mat vertically with you scissors or horizontally with your thinning shears then comb through.
  • Nice quality slicker comb. Cheap ones scratch the skin.
  • A boar bristle brush, medium to brush without removing the oils your pet's hair needs.

If you could only have one comb or brush THIS WOULD BE MY PICK! 

Also a nice metal comb does the trick. :)

Untangler Super-Groom Comb

This is the best for combing out after a bath. This will not take the curl out. Usually if you bathe your poodle or doodle yourself it can take two days for the curl to come back.

A perfect shedding comb, designed especially for long and dense hair. The secret is in the 22 extra strength, 360 degree rotating teeth. This comb has a trim-line easy-to-grip handle.

We use this comb and wouldn't want to be without it!  It generally around $5 online.  And worth every penny.  

Another tip for tangles:  use thinning sheers.  A couple clips with them and the tangle is easier to remove and their is no blunt cut.

KV has it for $4.99 and free ground shipping.


Your puppy will  be as dear to you as your own child.

Please always give him or her the very best care possible.