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Our dogs are our family and our house is their home.



Valentino is apricot but parti factored because his dad is a parti so that means our sires can have any color puppies including parti. Valentino came from the poodles we previously had named Diesel Anando (Nando Bear) and JosieBella. He was the reddist red you can imagine when he was a puppy but poodles are known to change color. Nando is a blue and white parti and Josie is apricot. We bought these two from a very good friend we have known for years. Nando is now a therapy dog in Iowa City and Josie lives a few miles away with a wonderful family.

Paloma Sol (LoLo) and Raven Haze (RayRay) are sisters from the very same litter. Paloma is a beautiful cream and Raven started out black and is getting some silver to her. She also has a chocolate mustache. She just turned three so I am not sure if she will stay this way or continue to silver. Their mother is a beautiful yellow lab named Sunshine and their father is a gorgeous black and white AKC Standard Poodle named Doni (Adonis). Their father being a parti makes the girls parti factored, meaning they can have any color puppies including parti puppies. We bred these girls ourselves and we breed these girls to Valentino.

Our girls Princess Zara Reign and Delilah Rose are F1 Labradoodles also sisters from the same litter. Zara is the most beautiful rich black possibly turning chocolate and is getting a chocolate mustache and Delilah is chocolate but will most likely blonde on her tips. She could possibly change to a silver-beige. We got these two little angels from our friend Lisa Deal in Peoria Illinois. Their mother is a beautiful black lab named Siren and their father is a beautiful black and white parti Standard Poodle who she has used for stud before. These girls are bred with Valentino for F1b Labradoodle puppies.

We also have Coco Lily. She is a silver-beige F1 Labradoodle that we will breed next year. We got her in hopes of having labradoodles with a more manageable, non-shedding coat. She comes from our friend Teresa Irwin in Bethany Missouri. Her mother is a beautiful chocolate lab named Snickers and her dad is a very handsome cream and white parti Standard Poodle named Murray.

We just got our Halo Grace and she is an F1b Goldendoodle. She is a beautiful cream like her mother Goldie. Her father is Murray, a cream and white parti spoo. (Spoo is short for standard poodle.) We will breed her with Valentino for F1bb Goldendoodles. She comes from Teresa in Bethany. 

We are waiting three more weeks until we can bring our sweet Gia home. She is an F1b Labradoodle that we will breed her with a friends' Standard Poodle or her multigen labradoodle. Depending on what we do she will either have f1bb labradoodle or f2 labradoodle puppies. This babe comes from our friend Lisa in Peoria. We are getting her for the colors in her pedigree. When these two are ready to be bred we will spay Paloma and Raven.




This is Valentino Bacio our AKC Registered Red Standard Poodle. 
His parents are Nando and Josie.

Daddy's babe.



JosieBella ~Retired

Paloma Sol 

KoKo Sprinkles ~Stolen


Sweet Jorja Grace ~Retired


Raven Haze


Designer dogs also called hybrids, aren't true breeds.  They  are crosses of two specific breeds. 

If you're interested in a doodle puppy understand that looks and size aren't as predictable as those of purebred dogs.