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Personal Touch Puppy Delivery

We offer three delivery options:

Personal Touch Puppy Delivery - For families within a five hour radius.

Your puppy driven to you and hand delivered. 

We have a trusted friend who will deliver your puppy your puppy to you for $200 plus 50 cents a mile. All plans are to be made with him and he will relay to me. Tony Roach 641.278.6196

In-cabin Pets

You pick your puppy up and are able to fly home with him or her in an approved kennel for additional charges of around $125 or paying to have one of us bring him to you.  :)

Professional Pet Transporters - For families further than five hours away from us.

I gave in and said I would ship and took two reserves that required shipping. I would have needed to charge $100 more to break even and even though they both made it with no problems, not even any tinkle or poo in the crate, I was very close to getting an ulcer myself.

Needless to say, I will never fly a puppy again. I have been contacted by a couple of long-distance puppy transporters and there is a group on facebook where they are thoroughly checked out before they can join. So it is still possible for our puppies to join families far away. Just no more airplanes with them in a cargo area.

Here is the facebook page for the pet transporters if you would like to check that option out and hire one of them. We will check them out and have final say if we agree they can transport your baby.

Pet Transporters - Verified

*We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line.