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Labradoodles are a combination of two very intelligent, loving breeds and when combined are the best of everything! They are so sweet and loving as well as playful and calm when you want to wind down for the day. They are beautiful and and are practically shed-free. There's nothing like having a soft and snuggly dog around always ready for hugs and kisses that does not leave hair everywhere! PERFECT!! 

Something very important to know is that the labradoodle you fall in love with may not always look the same. Some say you never know what you'll get as far as looks but you'll always fall in love. If you want a specific color or coat type you will need to find yourself one of those high priced breeder's that get into a lot more details of breeding than I do. Because the truth is they may change coat types and colors several times before the dog has his adult coat. It may be as late as them being over three years old before your dog looks like he will for the rest of his life. My goal is to breed healthy, happy, adorable, loving family pets at an affordable price.