Available Puppies

We do not have babies available to reserve right now. Most of our babies are reserved before they are born and even before they are conceived. If you would like to have one of our little angels you will need to make a reserve on a future litter. Please click on Future Reserves under the Available Puppies tab to see what we have available and then get in touch with me or fill out our adoption application and I will get back with you after reviewing it.

These will be our last litters due to some major life changes for me so although there is a possibility that I might have some more babies than I expecting, for now I only have seven reservations available. There are five on Halo's double-doodle litter and two on Coco's f1b labradoodle litter.

This page has more info. Please look it over and let me know what questions I can answer for you.


I DO LOVE ALL THE BABIES. I want them to start them off knowing love, feeling love and expressing love as well. If they are shy they get special alone time to boost their confidence so they can get in and play with the others. If one is a runt, they will get fed first. It seems natural to take care of their needs. People just have to accept I am a little silly. I am their 'Grammy' and I talk baby talk and get a little crazy playing with them. Spending their first eight weeks with Grammy, being HOME-RAISED WITH LOTS OF LOVE, you're not going to go wrong.


We encourage you to visit and take pictures and video as your puppy grows. You are welcome to visit any time.  Before you choose a puppy, before you add your name to OUR LISTS, after you have reserved your puppy and even after you have taken your puppy home if you simply want to visit or show a friend what we have going on.

Click above to view our current reserve list and latest litter news.

A little about our babies...

None of our puppies will shed. Doodles and poodles have hair like we do, not fur. Hair grows until it is cut but can still break like our's does and needs to be brushed to keep those broken hairs that have fallen in and been trapped by a curl become a mat. Some people will get worried at 4-6 months that they are shedding but they are simply losing their baby coat.


All of our big babes are parti factored. That means they all have one parent that is parti. Parti is when they are white and have splotches of color. Being parti factored means that they can have any color puppies and can have partis. 


All of our babes are having babies averaging 45 to 60 pounds as adults. We also have some 70 to 95 pounders. Most of those are Paloma's babies and she is spayed now.


Zara is having mostly dark babies. Either black, black seal or partis in those colors. The others are having all colors and partis.


We got Coco and Gia to try to have some straighter, more wiry coats but they are having puppies with the same coat types as the other girls so all of our litters have fleece and curly coats with an occasional wool. Our double doodle litters have mostly curly babies.


In my experience the only difference I have seen between genders is that boys are more aloof and the girls can get stubborn at about nine months. I always say it is like having my sister visit more than four days. Just a lot of estrogen flowing.


I want you to love and spoil our little angels but it's also important that your babe knows you are the boss. Even if you have to talk mean to them. I am talking about training them to stay out of dangerous situations; like the street, or putting their paws on a hot stove. Dangerous behavior has to be corrected in a way that your puppy learns not to do that. EVER. Also these babes, as well as us, learn better when given short training sessions then a break for a nap. It seems weird but the phrase "Let me sleep on it." is around because we truly do learn more after letting our body rest and our mind absorb the info.These little angels live to please you. So something as simple as seeing that their behavior has upset you will hurt their feelings and make them behave. Do not let their feelings be hurt more than a minute. Let it sink in then move forward with love. I am silly and do talk to them like they are my kids. THEY ARE right? Anyway after I see that they know what they did was wrong I love on them and tell them that they are babies and that is how babies learn and now they know that is naughty. Play with them to show them that you still love them. And NEVER call them naughty or any bad words. Say what they did was naughty. Don't label them as "naughty". Same goes for kids. :)


We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line. 


Look for our "Paloma" mailbox.

Get directions here and please verify that there are no dirt or gravel roads on your trip. We have heard of some funny roads trips people have traveled to get here. 

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