License Number:10453   License Expiration:4/17/2019
(Formerly affordable designer dogs)
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You will be able to pick out your puppy after the litter is three weeks old.

When puppies are being born I post on facebook. When they are all born I make phone calls and send out emails to everyone on the list. Then when the puppies reach three weeks we begin the selection process. As long as the proper order is followed the puppies can be chosen before they are three weeks old.

Certain colors in both poodles and doodles will have a color change. Sometimes taking until they are 3 1/2 to complete. Click here and here for more information.

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Our goal Is to ensure this process will be simple to understand, easy for us to utilize, and fair to YOU.  We will do our best to describe how the process works and gladly answer any questions you may have.  PLEASE BE SURE TO DISCUSS THESE OPTIONS WITH US FIRST TO SEE WHAT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

The 'RESERVES LIST' has three options: 

'LITTER PICKS' are when someone pays the full price of the puppy ($900) to have Pick-of-the-Litter or Second or Third Pick. They will be the first to choose their puppies. I am constantly taking reserves for each 'Little Momma's' litters. 

'Four and Five' is when someone pays $550 to have Fourth or Fifth Pick.

'GENERAL RESERVE' is when someone pays half down ($450) to be able to choose their puppy after the first five are chosen. This is done in the order that the reserves were made.

Please call or message me if you have any questions. 641.464.5768

If you do not want to pay to be included in our 'Reserves' we also take names and contact information for the WAITING LIST. The people on the waiting list will be contacted if there are extra puppies after all of the Reserves have chosen.

We are taking LITTER PICKS AND RESERVES for both Poodles & Doodles. 

After the birth of the puppies we contact everyone on our lists to let them know babies are here! Then at three weeks it's time to choose your puppies and we go in this order: LITTER PICKS, Four and Fives, Reserves then Waiting List. (As long as we stay in order reserves can choose their puppy before three weeks. We chose that time so everyone can see the puppies grow and show a little of their personalities.)

After one reserve chooses we move on to the next and each one has a day to choose then we move on to the next.

After everyone on a list has chosen their puppies or 7 days have passed if there are any puppies remaining those on the WAITING List will be able to choose their puppy.