*Home Raised Labradoodles reserves the right to choose before any Litter Picks on every litter. We understand this can be upsetting but we keep this option open for special circumstances. For instance if someone passes on the litter they have reserved on if they were one of the first three reserves. Otherwise we try to place them as close to the reserve they had as possible. I know this can be upsetting but remember I would do the same for you.


You will see *HRL when we are using this privilege.

I send each puppy home with an id tag. Bones for boys and hearts for girls. When you have chosen a name for your babe please email the information you would like on your puppy's tag and the color you would like. HomeRaisedLabradoodles@gmail.com


Most people put the babe's name on the front and a couple of phone numbers on the back. Until  you come up with a name would you please provide us with a sweet nickname to call him or her?

All of our doodle litters can be any color including partis and tuxedos because all of the parents are parti-factored. We usually have caramel, cream, apricot, black seal, black and chocolate and partis of these colors. We don't get very many red. I tell people getting one of our babies is like putting a quarter in a gumball machine, looking at the color you want and turning the knob. We just never know.


PARTI is basically a white dog with broken patches of color. Every parti is marked differently in both color pattern and pigment. This feature makes them all the more unusual. 


TUXEDOS will usually have a white bib that may or may not go all the way around the neck, and they have an all white belly. The white will usually extend from the elbows down to the feet and from the hock to the rear foot. However, you can have some variation in this with one or two legs not having any white at all. Some of them have markings in the head and some not. 


ABSTRACT is considerably less than fifty perfect white on another solid color, with the remaining percent of any other acceptable solid color. This color is a solid color with a splash of white descending anywhere under the chin or neck area and can conform all the way down underneath the belly area of the dog but it can be a very little mark compared to the other 90-90% of the solid color, this can occur in any other solid color except for the whites. 


We are getting a considerable amount of 'black seal' colored puppies.

Click here to see a photo example!

Seal is currently a complete mystery. Seal colouration makes black dogs appear brownish (with the nose remaining black), varying from a slight brown cast to a shade almost as light as liver. There is often a black stripe down the back, and the legs and tail generally remain darker than the main part of the coat. Seal dogs are born brownish whereas bronzing develops with age, and remember that a black seal will always have a black nose regardless of how light and brownish its coat is. 


No genetic research has so far been conducted into seal, so it is unknown how it is caused or which locus is responsible for it. 


Current theories include seal being an allele on the K locus (recessive to K, potentially something like a faulty K allele that works in a similar way to brindle), an allele on the A locus, or a modifier on an unknown locus that causes the A locus to partly show through on Kk dogs.


Credit: http://doggenetics.co.uk/black.htm#seal


What does seal look like? The black appears black until bright sunlight hits the coat, and then it has a reddish cast to it making it look almost brown. That said (and as far as we know), a black seal dog will always have a black nose, regardless of how brownish its coat appears.


Credit: https://nationalpurebreddogday.com/the-mysterious-color/


Certain colors in both poodles and doodles will have a color change.

Sometimes taking until they are 3 1/2 years old to complete.

Click here for more information.


Tel: 515-314-5235


We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line. 


Look for our "Paloma" mailbox.

Get directions here and please verify that there are no dirt or gravel roads on your trip. We have heard of some funny roads trips people have traveled to get here. 

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