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The labradoodle's famous adult coat will begin to transition approximately at eight to eleven months of age, and often will not complete the transitional stage until reaching three years of age. It is important to also note that all labradoodles can drop hair as we humans do. It is the process of replacement. While some coats have little or no shedding, others could shed heavily depending on your choice of coat type. It also must be noted that labradoodles can have a full fur coated muzzle, as well as a muzzle that has a smooth appearance.

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There are three Labradoodle coat types

-The wool coat (curly): very thick and dense, almost poodle like. The coat does not shed! Requires diligent grooming to maintain a healthy coat. The best choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. No Doggy odor.

-The fleece coat (borderline): another good choice for allergy sufferers. The coat needs little maintenance, until the puppy coat is replaced by the adult coat. It then mandates regular grooming which involves stripping the labradoodle's undercoat. The fur is almost sheeplike in texture. At it's best, the coat will have a rich buttery feel. No Doggy Odor.

-The hair coat (wavy): this coat type has a hair quality in texture. Although they are very low maintenance, they have various degrees of shedding. It's not always a good choice for families with allergy and asthma. However, for those families that want little brushing and grooming responsibilities, it is a top priority.

-The flat coat: although rare, still surfaces in the lines. This coat has the appearance of a retriever, but can also have varying degrees of feathering. Not for allergy and asthma sufferers. The flat coat is a good alternative to the other labradoodle coats which require more maintenance. The flat coat requires very minimal brushing and grooming.