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You only need to bathe your doodle if he’s dirty or smelly; bathing too often can cause dry skin . It helps to brush doodle’s coat before a bath. We use gentle baby shampoo, lukewarm water and gently scrub from head to tail taking care not to get soap or water in eyes or ears. Rinse thoroughly and stand back – doodle will shake and shake! Dry with a towel or hairdryer (not too hot ) but don’t let your puppy get cold.

*Mixing your dog or puppy shampoo to equal parts apple cider or plain white vinegar will lower the ph and make your doodle less likely to scratch.

Brushing or combing (with a wide tooth comb, medium width for puppies) your doodle regularly keeps his coat looking nice and it also feels good to your doodle. And just as important, this is time for you and your puppy to bond.

You may trim your doodle's hair just a little around the eyes once a month.  Use thinning shears to avoid a blunt cut.


The poodle cuts are not very attractive on doodle's as doodle's faces should never be shaved or cut close. 

It is possible for you 

to trim your own doodle.


Just relax and think 


  • Make sure you have a nice pair of scissors and thinning shears.
  • For mats cut the mat vertically with you scissors or horizontally with your thinning shears then comb through.
  • Nice quality slicker comb. Cheap ones scratch the skin.
  • A boar bristle brush, medium to brush without removing the oils your pet's hair needs.

The above picture is not one of our dogs.  I just want to show how a haircut can change a doodles look completely.