How to reserve your puppy...

To Reserve a Puppy Without Visiting:


Please call me (641-464-5176) to confirm the puppy you want to reserve is available if you are reserving from a current litter as well as confirming the reserve position you desire is available from upcoming litters. An adoption application is required as well.  


We use the The Cash and Venmo apps and/or a service called SQUARE to send our invoices via email. You are able to pay for your reserve with any debit or credit card. Please bring cash for your balance due when you pick your little dolly up.


In the rare instance that someone needs to send a check please make check payable to Misti Hightshoe.


Mail to:

Misti Hightshoe

205 W. Main Street 

Tingley, IA  50863

The decision to put down a reservation fee helps prevent impulse decisions. In most cases no one sends a payment if the decision to get a puppy has not been considered carefully. Deposits are non-refundable. Please make certain this is the right choice for you before reserving one of our puppies. 


We want our puppies to be in homes where families have given a lot of thought into what it takes to raise a puppy.  When this kind of decision is made too quickly, many times the puppies are given away, sold or worse yet, abandoned when the new owners realize they are not able to give the kind of care the dog needs and DESERVES.  


We want forever homes for our puppies.


Giving pets as gifts is not always a great idea. Please make sure this person wants a puppy and is able to care for it along with making sure he/she is allowed to have one where they live. In any circumstance at all our babies are always wanted BACK WITH US if they need rehomed and you do not have a suitable alternative. 

Litter Picks • Reserves List • Waiting List • Puppy Selection

Our goal Is to ensure this process will be simple to understand, easy for us to utilize, and fair to YOU.

We will do our best to describe how the process works and gladly answer any questions you may have.  


*Home Raised Labradoodles reserves the right to choose before any Litter Picks on every litter. We understand this can be upsetting but we keep this option open for special circumstances. For instance if someone passes on the litter they reserved on if they were one of the first three reserves. Otherwise we try to place them as close to the reserve they had as possible. I know this can be upsetting but please remember I would do the same for you.


You will see *HRL when we are using this privilege.


If you do not want to pay to be included in our Reserves and prefer to be on a waiting list please keep in touch or watch our facebook page for updates because I get so wrapped up with the babies I forget to call.



Reserves and Payment Plans


The 'RESERVES LIST' has three options:  


'LITTER PICKS' are when someone pays the full price of the puppy ($900) to have Pick-of-the-Litter or Second or Third Pick. They will be the first to choose their puppies. Prices are not any higher to have 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick but you do put the full amount down for your deposit. This is basically paying more down to have the privilege of choosing before others.


'FOUR AND FIVE' is when someone pays $550 to have Fourth or Fifth Pick.


'GENERAL RESERVE' is when someone pays half down ($450) to be able to choose their puppy after the first five are chosen. This is done in the order that the reserves were made.

Because we are exceptional breeders and not a puppy mill we do not always have puppies. We have our litters twice a year and choose to take reservations on our puppies instead of turning people away until puppies are born.

In an effort to make this less confusing I post my reserve list here.


Payment Plans

We will work with you setting it up. For reserves #4 and #5 you need to put 1/4 of the price down and then we work something out that will have $550 paid by the time the babes are born.


For #6 and down we work it out where you will have half paid by the time they are born and the rest before you pick your puppy up. I am pretty flexible on what you can afford and when you can pay. You are allowed one mess up because I know things happen but two makes me think you are not responsible enough for a puppy and you lose what you've paid.


Would you like to make a reserve on more than one litter? 

I don't do double reserves on the first three picks because I charge the full price down for those. The only way I would do that would be for a person to pay for both reserves and I can't imagine someone wanting to pay double for a puppy. When I do a double reserve for the other positions on the reserve list I have people pay the full amount down. I do it this way because by putting double reserves it causes other people to perceive that my list is fuller than it really is and it can cause people to look elsewhere for their babe.


You will be able to pick your puppy after the litter is three weeks old.

When puppies are being born I post on facebook. When they are all born I make phone calls and send out emails to everyone on the reserve list. Then when the puppies reach three weeks we begin the selection process. As long as the proper order is followed the puppies can be chosen before they are three weeks old.

The official day to choose your puppies is at three weeks so you can see pictures of the puppies and videos and see their little *personalities emerge but mostly the coat and color changes. I know it can be hard waiting for people before you to choose but that is why we have the different reserve options so the ones that really want to choose first are able to by paying more down for that privilege. Remember the cost of the puppy is not any different. You are just putting more of the deposit down. 


*A puppy’s personality here is somewhat determined by pack order in the litter. I see in our litters that it is usually the first few puppies to open their eyes and ears that become the first to do other things and be more dominant. Please don’t fall under the misconception that if a puppy is shy here he will be shy and hesitant in your home. They will no longer be a part of this pack. I want you to know that YOU are the most important influence on what type of personality your puppy will have. Your puppy will be a reflection of you. They will feed off of your energy so please try to be especially loving and tender with your puppy. When you are stressed try to relax and let your babe feel calmness and love and not the anxiety you're having. When things are too hard to do that, run an errand, do anything you can to handle the stress away from your puppy and love on and reassure him that you love him and will be back soon. :)

**Deposits are non-refundable

but can be transferred to a future litter**

Deposit is non-refundable. Failure of the Buyer to complete this purchase would subject Seller to lost opportunities to sell the Puppy to another Buyer and retention of the deposit is meant to compensate Seller for his possible loss. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase of this puppy.


Provisions are made under the following conditions:

Home Raised Labradoodles does not have a puppy for the prospective buyer because of death, injury or illness of puppy. If unable to provide a puppy, Home Raised Labradoodles will apply the deposit to the next available litter or refund the entire deposit as per the prospective puppy buyer.


We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line. 


Look for our "Paloma" mailbox.

Get directions here and please verify that there are no dirt or gravel roads on your trip. We have heard of some funny roads trips people have traveled to get here. 

© 2023 by Home Raised Labradoodles. 

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