our dogs are our family

and our house is their home

Our Sires

Little Mommas

Our babies are averaging 60 to 70 pounds but we have had some in the 40's and 50's and even 85 and 95! 

They are mostly soft fleece with some very curly and wool coats.

Something very important to know is that the labradoodle you fall in love with may not always look the same. Some people want a specific color or coat type and the truth is they may change coat types and colors several times before he dog has his adult coat. It may be as late as them being over three years old before your dog looks like he will for the rest of his life. 



Tel: 515-314-5235


We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line. 


Look for our "Paloma" mailbox.

Get directions here and please verify that there are no dirt or gravel roads on your trip. We have heard of some funny roads trips people have traveled to get here. 

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