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Here are some items that you should consider when preparing for your new puppy. You may not need everything listed before your puppy arrives, but this list is intended to help you consider all your puppy's basic needs. 



Paper towels (a lot of paper towels :)

Old Towels for Crate (Once puppy is reliably crate trained, a "real" crate bed can be used.)
Old Blanket or Towel(s) to cover wire Crate
Cotton balls for cleaning ears
Acrylic (Fake) Nail file, cardboard with sandpaper type, for smoothing nails
Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting, if necessary)
100% Pure canned Pumpkin (from the baking isle of your grocery store)
Pumpkin is a good source of fiber. When puppy has diarrhea or constipation, a tablespoon or two with every meal for several days should help alleviate symptoms. Freeze excess in ice cube tray.
Baby Gate(s)  $10 Walmart
Try baby supply stores - generally more choices and cheaper than pet stores (Beware that horizontal bars provide a foot-hold for climbing puppies. Also consider spacing between bars, as some times it is large enough for little puppies to get caught)

General from your Pet Supply Store:
OUT!  Pet Stain and Odor Remover or similar stain/odor neutralizer
Bitter Apple (bitter taste deters dogs from biting, licking, and chewing)
Pooper Scooper & bags
Food and water bowls (stainless steel or ceramic)
Storage bin for dry food
Adjustable Nylon collar w/plastic clasp
    10 - 14 inch (25 - 35 cm) size for standard or medium Doodle puppies,
    Smaller for mini Doodle puppies.
I.D. Tag
6 foot (1.8 m) leash
15 foot (4.6 m) or longer (up to 50 foot (15 m)) training leash(es)
Wire Crate for crate training
Double door folding crate with divider (we've heard good things about both Midwest and Precision brands)
    Medium - Standard Sized Doodles need at least a 42 inch (1.07 m) crate
    Mini Doodles can use a 36 inch (0.9 m) crate.
Travel Crate for car until puppy is big enough to wear a car harness

Food and Treats:
Puppy Food  It is best to start with the same food the Breeder was feeding.Puppy Biscuits.Training Treats  Soft & tiny treats work best for training.
Good Chews and Toys:
Medium or Large Kong Toy
Stuffed Dog Toys w/ squeakers
Balls (squeaky rubber balls)
Rope toys (e.g. Booda bones)
cow tendons or bully sticks for chewing
cow ears and hooves for chewing (hooves tend to smell like a feed lot so you may want them out in the yard.)

Grooming Supplies:
Pin or Slicker Brush
Medium tooth Comb
Blunt tipped curved blade scissors
Toothbrush Kit
Puppy Shampoo
Puppy Conditioner / Grooming Spray
Ear Wash solution
Plier-style nail clippers w/nail guard
Blood Stop Powder

Additional Items:
Bell to hang by back door.  Helps with house training, they learn to ring the bell to alert you that they need to go out. Some use large craft bells, some use cow bells. Ownership & Training books.  Recommendations include: "The Dog Listener", "Puppies for Dummies", and many more...Make appointment with Vet for new puppy wellness check up.  Start shopping for Obedience classes.  Lots of Love and Patience :)