Black Seal

We are getting a considerable amount of 'black seal' colored puppies.

Seal is currently a complete mystery. Seal colouration makes black dogs appear brownish (with the nose remaining black), varying from a slight brown cast to a shade almost as light as liver. There is often a black stripe down the back, and the legs and tail generally remain darker than the main part of the coat.

Seal dogs are born brownish whereas bronzing develops with age, and remember that a black seal will always have a black nose regardless of how light and brownish its coat is. 

No genetic research has so far been conducted into seal, so it is unknown how it is caused or which locus is responsible for it. 

Current theories include seal being an allele on the K locus (recessive to K, potentially something like a faulty K allele that works in a similar way to brindle), an allele on the A locus, or a modifier on an unknown locus that causes the A locus to partly show through on Kk dogs.


What does seal look like? The black appears black until bright sunlight hits the coat, and then it has a reddish cast to it making it look almost brown. That said (and as far as we know), a black seal dog will always have a black nose, regardless of how brownish its coat appears.


Certain colors in both poodles and doodles will have a color change.

Sometimes taking until they are 3 1/2 years old to complete.

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