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Love My Doodle Labradoodle

Home Raised labradoodles

Tingley -VERY Southwest- Iowa - 50863   641.464.5176 / 641.464.6399

Reserve: 1/2 down.  -  Litter Picks: full payment  -  Payment Plans Available
                                                                                 F1b Labradoodles $850
                                            First Generation bred back to Standard Poodle / First Generation bred to Sixth Generation
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  Vet checked. Health guarantee. Dew claws removed, dewormed 
every two weeks and given first set of vaccinations. Will deliver.

Will dock doodle tails upon request but you MUST have 

1st Pick of the Litter because it has to be done within two days.

*Prices posted here will always take precedence over prices seen elsewhere; such as an old advertisement.
  **Affordable Designer Dogs reserves the right to occasionally supersede litter picks for personal reasons. 

We are very proud of our puppies. We feel our puppies are some of the best ones you could possibly find. They are no less perfect than a higher priced puppy. We have two reasons for having lower prices. One is to make these little angels affordable for more families and the second is that since we live in a tiny town in southwest Iowa I am hoping that if my prices are low enough families won't mind the drive.

Sweet Labradoodle Puppy

Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to future litters.

Refund policy for Home Raised Labradoodles.

You are very welcome to come see the puppies anytime and as many times as you'd like.  

We encourage you to visit your pup, form a bond, bring toys and blankets that he will take home to make the transition easier, and even take pictures while you are waiting for him/her to turn eight weeks old.  

Although some breeders let puppies go sooner, we do keep the pups for eight weeks so that they can learn important life lessons from their mother and the rest of our pack. I know it's exciting and you would like to take him home sooner but you really will have a better dog if you can wait the additional time. Most pups are ready at seven weeks. We actually will keep the pup longer if you prefer. ($7 per day after eight weeks and 3 days and possibly additional vet fees.)

<<We know for a fact puppies pass through a sensitive stage during which it is critically important they be well socialized to other dogs, humans, and a wide variety of stimuli in their environment.

During this important period, generally agreed to be from around 2½ to 3 weeks through 12 to 14 weeks, a puppy's brain is primed to accept new experiences with minimal fear. The experiences the pup has during this sensitive time actually have the capacity to modify the brain. What your puppy experiences (or doesn't experience) during this stage of development has a profound impact on his adult character, temperament and behavior.

Since part of a pup's socialization is learning appropriate dog-to-dog interaction, it is in the best interests of puppies to remain with the mother and littermates until they are at least 8 to 8½ weeks old.

Research suggests many of the social and behavioral problems seen in adult dogs have their roots in too-early separation from the litter.>> 

If you would like your puppy to stay longer to fit your schedule or you'd like them to stay an extended time due to the article above, we will keep them three days past their eight week mark free of charge but growing puppies are a lot of work and eat a lot so we charge $7 per day after that plus any medical services they need such as vaccinations, worming, Heartgard Plus, Frontline Plus, etc.

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Every puppy we put into the world is ALWAYS WELCOME to come back to us. 

We will take excellent care of them and also find them a new home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your living situation changes and you are unable to keep your angel. 

Cell: (641) 464-5768

There is absolutely NO REASON any of our babes will ever need the services of a shelter or rescue.