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Reserving Your Puppy




The decision to put down a reservation fee helps prevent impulse decisions.  In most cases no one sends a payment if the decision to get a puppy has not been considered carefully. Deposits are non-refundable. Please make certain this is the right choice for you before reserving one of our puppies. 

We want our puppies to be in homes where families have given a lot of thought into what it takes to raise a puppy.  When this kind of decision is made too quickly, many times the puppies are given away, sold or worse yet, abandoned when the new owners realize they are not able to give the kind of care the dog needs and DESERVES.  

We want forever homes for our puppies.

Giving pets as gifts is not always a great idea. Please make sure this person wants a puppy and is able to care for it along with making sure he/she is allowed to have one where they live. In any circumstance at all our babies are always wanted BACK WITH US if they need rehomed and you do not have a suitable alternative. 

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Our goal Is to ensure this process will be simple to understand, easy for us to utilize, and fair to YOU.  We will do our best to describe how the process works and gladly answer any questions you may have.  PLEASE BE SURE TO DISCUSS THESE OPTIONS WITH US FIRST TO SEE WHAT IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

The 'RESERVES LIST' has three options: 

'LITTER PICKS' are when someone pays the full price of the puppy ($850) to have Pick-of-the-Litter or Second or Third Pick. They will be the first to choose their puppies. I am constantly taking reserves for each 'Little Momma's' litters. 

'Four and Five' is when someone pays $525 to have Fourth or Fifth Pick.  

'GENERAL RESERVE' is when someone pays half down ($425) to be able to choose their puppy after the first five are chosen. This is done in the order that the reserves were made.

Please call or message me if you have any questions. 641.464.5176

If you do not want to pay to be included in our 'Reserves' please keep in touch or watch our facebook page for updates.
After the birth of the puppies we contact everyone on our lists to let them know babies are here! Then at three weeks it's time to choose your puppies and we go in this order: LITTER PICKS, Four and Fives, Reserves then Waiting List. As long as we stay in order reserves can choose their puppy before three weeks. We chose that time so everyone can see the puppies grow and show a little of their personalities and color changes. After everyone on a list has chosen their puppies if there are any puppies remaining those on the WAITING List will be able to choose their puppy.

I want you to know that YOU are the most important influence on what type of personality your puppy will have. Your puppy will be a reflection of you. They will feed off of your energy so please try to be especially loving and tender with your puppy. When you are stressed try to relax and let your babe feel the calmness and love and not the anxiety you're having. When things are too hard to do that run an errand, do anything you can to handle the stress away from your puppy and love on and reassure him that you love him and will be back soon. :)

A puppy’s personality here is somewhat determined by pack order in the litter and that even is not determined like some would think.  I see in our litter’s that it is the first to open their eyes and open their ears that become the first to do other things and be more dominant. Please don’t fall under the misconception that if a puppy is shy here he will be shy and hesitant in your home. If a puppy is small here he will be smaller than the others. The sire will put the semen in and put a plug there to keep it in, the sperm live for days. The eggs are dropped into the uterus one a day and then fertilized so if there are 12 puppies the first puppy fertilized is 11 days older than the last.

You will be able to pick your puppy after the litter is three weeks old.

You are welcome to come visit here anytime whether we have puppies or not.  Our dogs love meeting new friends. What I do is learn about you and your family, either by computer or phone and if we proceed you can put your name on a list. With our puppies being truly home-raised, like you would treat puppies if you had a litter, people know they will be getting a great natured dog. From the minute they are born they get all of their needs met. Special ones met individually. If we have a smaller puppy, he gets fed first. If we have a shy pup, he will have extra play time and snuggle time with me so he will get braver and be able to get into playing instead of being a shy one that watches. Things like that almost guarantee a wonderful dog. When puppies are being born I post on facebook. When they are all born I make phone calls and send out emails to everyone on our lists. Then when the puppies reach four weeks we begin the selection process. We have a lot of people that want females, we have a lot that want a certain color or coat type. If your choices are not in the litter you made a reserve we move your name to another litter. If your reserved position is available you may have it again. If not we give you the best we can for that litter.

Please make sure you fill this form out and send it to me before you send in your RESERVE form or make a Paypal payment then wait for my reply as to whether the puppy is still available.

Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to a future litter.

Sweet Labradoodle Puppy

           (Affordable Designer Dogs reserves the right to choose one puppy before any Litter Picks on every litter.)