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Of course I need the site for my advertising but I think of it as 'YOUR SITE'. Anyone who comes here with interest in doodles. I want this to be a place you can come to quickly when you have a question or are simply bored and want to do some reading. So PLEASE if you have an opinion on this site, especially an unfavorable one, PLEASE get in touch with me and tell me what is not working FOR YOU so I can fix it. If you know of anything you think would be nice to add PLEASE let me know. I love dogs and I love dog people. I am the kind of person that would like an overload of advice to filter through; as opposed to not getting enough information.

Also I AM REAL. I'm Misti Hightshoe. A real person who loves dogs and puppies, spoils them and I absolutely love putting these little angels out in the world to be a little boy's best friend, a running partner, a dog who enjoys the lake and swimming, someone to snuggle with and talk to if you live alone. These little babes are all set to love you, impress you and be your best friend.

Our Beginning:

I always wanted two male standard poodles (spoos) and I just knew it was a dream that would never happen. Because they are very expensive. Then one day a friend of mine who raised dogs gave me a poodle. He had been returned because the owner's living situation changed. 

We had the invisible fencing to keep my dog on the yard but it didn't do anything to keep other dogs OUT. We had seen a few dogs, obviously female and in heat, teasing our guy when we'd be leaving for work in the morning. We wondered if they just took off from their house looking to be bred and we even wondered if people were dropping their dogs off encouraging it. We laughed it off and went on to work. 

But for three years we did have an older female chocolate lab, who lives a couple blocks away, come visit a lot. We just assumed she was spayed or even more likely 'too old' to breed. Like I said she'd come visit anytime the weather was good. She'd even go to the back yard, come in our doggy door in the laundry room and bark to let Doni (Adonis) know she was here and they'd go play, running around, having a great time. The third year we walked out our laundry room door to barbecue or something and they were 'hooked' up right out side the door. We were so shocked and didn't know if we should tell these neighbors what had happened. We didn't know them. They worked out of town all week and came home some weekends and had a guy taking care of the place who let Susie out to wander a bit while he did other chores. 

Neither of us told. It seemed too weird to go tell people we didn't know and who were hardly even home that we were going to have babies. But we weren't surprised at all when the caretaker knocked on our door and told us we have 4 puppies. LoL We met him and the actual dog owners and made some great friends. At the time I felt bad about what happened because they were planning to go to Las Vegas for Christmas and had to stay home with puppies. I told them that what we have are labradoodles and people pay big money for them. I offered to advertise them to help find homes so they wouldn't have to worry about having five dogs to take care of. I think they were all spoken for in a day and a half. And I priced them at $400. I also put their phone number and turned down their offer to split the money. The neighbors did fall in love and kept one. To have one of Susie's babies of course. 

Then I started falling apart. I had carpel tunnel in both of my hands, teeth needing pulled, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis in my feet, who knows what else. I couldn't do my job anymore and didn't know what I was going to do. Then a friend of mine suggested raising labradoodles and here we are! I've had several surgeries and feel better than I have in years. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world. Great kids, a wonderful husband and all of these babies. I am so happy I can share what I have with you and your family.

Four Years Later:

This is our fourth year and we have gone through many changes. We first started out to breed labradoodles and we had a couple of litters of f1’s and a couple of litters of f1b’s. We also had the idea at the time to breed Shepadoodles, not to be confused with Sheepadoodles. We wanted to breed more of a watchdog personality. We had one litter of two puppies and I loved those babies so much. Since there were only two we kept them inside with us all of the time. Mondo became Mox and has stayed in touch and also came back to get a baby sister, a labradoodle named Zo. I have received pictures of the other baby and a few messages but his name escapes me now.

Then the family that I got my poodle puppy Valentino from was going through a transitioning stage and really wanted us to take Valentino’s parents, Diesel Anando and Josie Bella so that put us in the poodle business. We found wonderful homes for the dogs we started with: Willow Rainne, Sunshine, Adonis, Meeka and Ava. Making sure each one went to families and homes that were perfect for them. Being an in-home licensed breeder makes it very easy for me to rehome our babes because they are potty trained and live in the house like all dogs should. 

As Valentino got older he challenged his father and he was quite a bit bigger too. They had a horrible fight one night so we found a wonderful home for Anando because he was older and on the losing end of the fight. He was always a grump with the puppies too while Valentino takes great care of them. Anyway Anando is with a great family in Iowa City who had two other poodles and they have them as therapy dogs and take them into hospitals, nursing homes and even colleges to relax students taking finals. With him gone we were no longer breeding poodles since our poodle puppy is Josie’s son. We were  lucky finding Josie a home. She is a few miles away and living with one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. They love her so much and spoil her. We have gone to visit her several times and are always welcome.
We kept an f1b puppy from Raven's and Valentino’s last litter because he was the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen in my life. LoL  His name is Rocco Baltazar and we were going to breed him to our f1 girls that are not his momma or auntie for multigens. I recently found out that I had been misinformed and their puppies would actually be f2’s, second generation. The only reason I would breed f2’s would be if I was going to keep going until you get to f4’s which are the first level of multigens. We are a very small operation and want to keep all of the babes we have now . We’ll be old people with geriatric dogs one day but the house will be filled with a lot of love. So upon learning this we decided to stick to breeding f1b’s because a lot of breeders including myself feel they are the closest to hypoallergenic and also the best for low to no shedding. We will be neutering Rocco and hopefully I will be able to find the time to get him certified as a therapy dog one day.

Now we have Rocco Baltazar, an f1b baby and his father an AKC Standard Poodle named Valentino Baccio who is our stud dog and he loves what he does. ;)  We have two f1 little mommas that we breed now. They are sisters named Paloma Sol and Raven Haze. We have two more sisters who won’t be bred until next year named Princess Zara Reign and Delilah Rose. Then there’s our little stinker Coco Lily. She is still a baby, LoL, so no babies for her yet either. We love our babies so much and take the greatest care of them. They are super sweet and loving in return.

Since we have had the experiences we’ve had and know that we will only be breeding for f1b Labradoodles we feel like we should use that word in our name so people will know exactly what we raise when they see or hear our name and since our’s are the sweetest, most lovable little babes I had to share that too and that is why we have changed our name to Lovable Labradoodles. 

Please spread the word and bear with me as I make the change on our website, here, business cards, new advertising....

I kind of talk/type a lot so I'm going to end this little note. Make it a hidden message maybe? LoL Just remember I am real. We're raising these little dolls in an awesome family/pack environment. Call, message or email anytime for any reason. There are no silly questions. That's how we learn; by asking questions. ;)

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