License Number:10453   License Expiration:4/17/2019
(Formerly affordable designer dogs)
Love My Doodle Labradoodle

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Tingley -VERY Southwest- Iowa - 50863   641.464.5176 / 641.464.6399


You may not know it but you are pretty important to us. You as in 'potential puppy families'. Of course after my children, husband and puppies but you're right up there considering we have never been in contact until this point.

I want my babes to go to the best families. I call you the second family since there are born into our's. In my search for the best families I know that if I stay with one, two or three social media outlets I could be missing out on wonderful people that do not use the three we are familiar with so I ask that you please look for us using, add us and send your message via the program you prefer. If we are not on your preferred social media please let me know and I will get it added.

I hope to get to know you and form a relationship where you won't forget us and always send us pictures, video and updates.

~Misti Hightshoe