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 Valentino Bacio

We offer selective stud services for $500. 

Selective means we consider your dog & your situation.

Thank you for your interest in our Valentino. He is always happy to help, LoL and we are too. There are certain requirements that need to be met to bring your girl into our home. These are: *Any dog entering our premises is required to bring a Vet Report made within three days stating that the dog is fit to be bred, berculosis negative, up-to-date on vaccinations including Bordatella and is flea, tick and worm free and on a preventative. A properly fitting collar with id tag is also required.

Can you please tell me about your dog's disposition? Since she is a visitor it is best if she is submissive but we can work with dominant too. The only thing with dominant is that we may put her and Valentino into the puppy house so we are not taking any risks of dog fights. Our dogs are very loving but when another dog comes here it's crazy for a little bit then they all start playing together.The most important thing you need to be aware of is that sometimes it can take up to two weeks before she is ready to go home. We stress this because we have had a couple of families that want to bring her daily or leave her a couple days, pick her up, bring a couple of days again. These actions have led to one not getting pregnant and the other having a very small litter. So if you would like to use us as your stud service we need you to be aware of this and be in agreement.

My husband handles this part of our business so you will learn more talking to him. His number is 641-464-6399. Please give him a call at your convenience.

We will bring her into our home and treat her as one of our (spoiled) own. I have guest dogs sleep in our room with the door shut because I want to know she is safe and I want her to know she is safe sleeping. She will be very well taken care of and safe here.

Misti Hightshoe

Valentino Bacio. From Diesel Anando and Josie Bella. Deep red at birth, light apricot now, Standard Poodle. Being bred with Raven Haze and Paloma Sol for F1b Labradoodle puppies.