It’s exciting bringing a new puppy into your life. You can’t wait to show-off your cute pup. And of course you want to play with your pup, but remember your puppy is suddenly in an environment he doesn't know. One of the healthiest things you can do for your puppy is give him lots of love and lots of attention. Dogs are extremely loyal by nature and are happy when they please you. Their ancestors, wolves, ran in packs so understand that puppy can get lonely if you don’t spend enough time with him. Studies show that emotionally, dogs benefit from being petted by humans as much as humans do from petting dogs. So spend time with your little companion. Play, talk, pet and love and you’ll both be happier and healthier. They especially enjoy full-body hugs. Wallowing around and loving. And muscle and back rubs! Okay, maybe mine are spoiled....  but THEY DESERVE IT!!


Here are some things you can do to help your pup feel as comfortable as possible:


  • Teach children not to be rough with puppy: no pulling ears, whiskers or tail.

  • Supervise, no rubber-bands on puppies! You may not even know they are there until they need amputation. 

  • Act calm, not too rowdy.

  • Provide a soft, warm bed place close to you or a family member.

  • Give puppy a soft chewing toy or bone.

  • Always have fresh drinking water available.  After "LOVE", nothing else is more important.



When feeding your puppy, at first it’s important to feed your puppy (some of) the same thing he was eating before you brought him home. That will be included in your 'Puppy Pack'.  It’s IMPORTANT to FEED puppy from the PALM of your HAND, have everyone feed puppy out of the palm of their hand.


Many commercial foods are acceptable but be sure to choose a well-balanced one (with very little or no fillers).

More fillers are nothing but waste. Waste is what you clean up out of your yard. Less fillers, puppy will eat less, less waste.


Safety For Puppy

  • Keep electrical cords out of chewing reach.

  • Keep garbage cans and household chemicals secured away of puppy.

  • Keep chocolate away from puppy because it is toxic to dogs and can kill them.  Baker's Chocolate.

  • When traveling with your puppy in a car – never put a leash on puppy then tie the leash to something to secure it because puppy may be choked if the car stops suddenly.  You may seat belt in a laundry basket.

  • Never leave your puppy alone in a closed-up car on a hot day for any amount of time.


Immediately have an ID tag made for your puppy. We gladly provide the first.  ;)  

Microchip too if you'd like. But nothing will get your puppy home sooner than an ID tag.  

An ID tag can ensure that your puppy will always enjoy your care.



You should be able to fit two fingers under the collar when it’s on your puppy – Check the fit often because puppies grow quickly.


Leash & Collar

For potty walks or spending time in an unfenced location, outfit pup in an appropriate leash and collar. If you are concerned that your  puppy will be stronger than you or he is having difficulty leash training please use a Halti.  There is never a reason for a choke chain or fighting with your dog.  Halti is not a muzzle.  It is like a collar for dogs as strong as a horse.  A horse halter follows the concept where the nose goes, the rest will follow. Same with dogs. The Halti is also useful if you have very excitable dogs such as dogs that jump up.  have your dog where the halter a couple of hours when you get home.  When mother's want to discipline or calm their pups they gently bite down across the muzzle. The Halti mimics that feeling and calms the dog.  As you can tell this is a product I strongly recommend. Personally I have never used an alternative brand but research if cheaper, they may just as good.  ;)


Exercising Puppy 

Exercise is an important part of a  puppy's overall health. Puppy develops good motor skills and balance and life skills such as socialization from being out and about. Playing games such as fetch challenge a puppy mentally. Remember, exercising helps puppy go poop so take a poop scoop.

Puppy Care


We are located in Tingley Iowa 50863. One and a half hours south of Des Moines and about 30 miles north from the Missouri Line. 


Look for our "Paloma" mailbox.

Get directions here and please verify that there are no dirt or gravel roads on your trip. We have heard of some funny roads trips people have traveled to get here. 

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